Parallel wait condition issues in a workflow - 8.2 on premise


I have a workflow that waits for one of two conditions to be met. Sometimes the workflow is triggered by a condition and completes the next steps without any issues. Sometimes it is stuck waiting even when one of the conditions was met already.

The parallel wait conditions are 1) the record is marked complete and 2) a custom date field (Reviewed On) is completed. I tried making the date field a wait until it contains data and a timeout until that date.

Has anyone experienced similar issues with parallel wait conditions? Any troubleshooting suggestions?

Hi @Brittany.Thurow ! I’m sorry my reply is so late. Is this still an issue for you?

On Premise troubleshooting is tricky, because there are so many variables at play beyond just D365. Let me know if you’re still dealing with this and I can to throw some troubleshooting tips your way.

Though, here’s one that applies to anytime something is funky with On Prem and it deals with workflows: try restarting your asynch services. That fixes SO. MANY. issues!

Also, if you ARE still struggling with this, could you include some screen shots of the workflow steps & maybe one that is stuck with a condition met?