Parallel Operations

Hi Experts,

I’m trying to understand the parallel routing in NAV 5.0.

The explanation in Manuals and help doesn’t have any practical scenario for me to try out.

Help says “In the Parallel calculation type the operation is calculated in connection with the Next Operation No. field of the routing line”

What does it mean by ‘operation is calculated’?

Can you please give me an example for setting up a parallel type?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Ilak,

You need to show the columns “Previous Operation No.” and “Next Operation No.” and use these. For example you have operations 10,20,30 & 40 where 20 & 30 are in parallel then set it up as

Operation Previous Next

10 20|30

20 10 40

30 10 40

40 20|30

Thanks for the very clear reply Dave.

Can you also tell me what does it mean by ‘operation is calculated’ posted in my origianl Question?

Ok. I have setup my parallel operations according to you example. Now where does it make the diference as opposed to using the ‘Serial Type’? Is it on due date and time on routing lines for the Produciton Order?


It will have an impact on due data, if the two operation are parallel then it will take lesser time. You can try doing the same thing serially and parallel and do the calculation of Due Data and see the difference for yourself.

I got the complete idea now. Thanks Dhan!

Glad to Help [:D]