Papertray problems

Very bizae problem. Report wioth no specific properties set up for papertrays. Printer defined on server with as default tray2. When using this printer via word, no problem prints on tray2. When setting up this printer as default printer, and printing via navision 3.60 with printerselection (but don’t change anything), the report does not print on tray2 When setting up a different printer as default, printing the report and choosing the the printer at that time (without changing anything on the settings), printing on correct tray. When setting up the report on the reportselections for that report in navision (so the print goes automaticly), printing is on the wrong tray… Anyone with same experience and any suggestions? Rgds Benny

I have defintely seen similar issues. It seems that many printers don’t handle their drivers commands to change trays. Step one is of course to make sure you have the latest driver for the printer AND operating system. Don’t try using W2k drivers with XP, or vica versa. I know that most times, it has just been a case of a lot of trial and error, and some times, you just can not get automated printing to the correct tray. Sorry that I a not give you specifics, you just have to play…[V]