Palletizing process

Hi all,

We would like to find a way to better manage our products that handle different palletizing process.

What is the best way to:

  • Specify the type of pallet on a PO line
  • Specify the type of pallet on an SO line
  • Per customer, specify the type of pallet per item
  • Upon receipt of PO, we must receive the Item on the specified pallet
  • For shipment of sales order, we must ship on the specified pallet
  • Different customers will pack different quantities from the standard on pallets (eg 60 box, while the standard is 40 cases)
  • On a Work order , we must be able to communicate the type of pallet to be used during the packing operation
  • We must be able to know the quantities of pallets (of all types) and containers (of all types) that are received with the articles. i.e: number of pallets and number of units /boxes per pallet.

If someone can guide me about settings and process to use , it will be great!!!


No clue??