Page numbers in sections

How can i print pagenumbers at every page of a report ? Is it possible to print total of pages, like “page 5 of 10” or “5/10” ? thanks in advance Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

Hi Stefan! 1. Put a TextBox in a Section, that is printed on every Page; e.g. Header, PrintOnEveryPage = Yes; the Source-Expression of that Textbox should be CurrReport.PAGENO 2. No, you can not print the total number of pages that way (x of y)! (Well, there are some “Workaround-Possibilities”, but these aren’t recommendable). Regards, Jörg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP Edited by - stryk on 2002 Apr 08 11:58:18

thanks Joerg, works fine. Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

Hi Jörg or Anyone, I’m struggling with the same thing, especially the total number of pages in the header. It’s a known problem with Reportbuilders. I’m curious which Workaround-possibilities there are. I’m an advanced user, so don’t hold back! [:D] Greetings, Pascal van der Heiden

uhh…Thanx. That will do… Greetings, Pascal

is there any solution without using double reports like this?

I need many reports with page n of m

it would be lavish if every I use report, it using 2 reports