Page Number of Page Total in report body

Can anyone help me on how to display page number of total pages in report body. i can only do the page number in report header and footer. but in body it doesn’t work.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Which version of Navision you are using ???

Is it RTC or Classic?

If it is Classic then what to do for that :slight_smile:

Step 1 : Go to view > Section

Step 2 : Take a header for the particuler DataItem.

Step 3 : Take one TextBox from toolbox and put it on the header part.

Step 4 : Open The properties window for the for the TextBox.

Step 5 : Change The SourceExpr Property .

Click The AssistButton

Then CurrReport > Functions > PageNo Functions.

Click On the Ok Button.

Step 6 : Open The properties window for the DataItem header.

Step 7 : Change the value of the “PrintOnEveryPage” property to “Yes”.

Follow All Those steps you can see the “pageno” on your Report.

This is for the classic Nav.


Subidit Hazra

You can try this solution for a classic report.\