Page Header and Page Footer in a Report In Classic Client

I want to add Page Footer and Page Header in a Report in Classic Client ?\

How can I do that?


Just Add a header and footer and place what ever you want to display.Now go to the properties of

header and footer and change the “”" PrintOnEveryPage property to Yes “”"" as like below image

7065.PrintOnEveryPage.bmp (75.4 KB)

so it will print every page like page heaeder and footer


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when creating a report, you want to avoid a page break between certain sections. But the KeepWithNext property does not help you.Specifically, it will not keep a “Header” section with a “Body” section, even for the same data item.
So try this,add in another “Body” section that only print for the first record, so it behaves like a Header, but keepWithNext will still work.

just in case you needed this…i found it somewhere here…

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Hi Marshal , Thank for reply.

I already did this thing but records are not displaying properly on report… I mean vertical alignment get disturbed so i thought if something like Page Header or Page Footer is available so i can do it easily.

Hey shona , thanks for reply but I didnt get you!!!

What you didnt understand in this?

hey why dont you use Margin properity in reports!

Go to the design Mode of the report and press F3 Add a new header and footer.

on the new header and footer you place the fields wat you wnat to display.then change the property.

Do not edit the existing header.If you use new header your allignments will be safe


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