Page crash after deleting record


when I delete I record from Payment Proposal, the page crases and the system returns to Bank Overview.

Nothing has been programmed in the OnDelete triggers.

Can anyone tell me in what direction I should look to solve this issue?



Hi Ernst,

Whenever I get a similar “odd” behavior in NAV, then my first thought is that it’s not “me” but NAV!

So I would check if Microsoft eventually released a fix for it (that’s the things they typically fix in the hotfixes).

There before spending too much time on it (especially if you say you didn’t do any programming to the page), then try to get the latest roll up. Unless of course your NAV is already very old!

hi Erik,

well, those are my first thoughts too always [:D]

It’s not that old, so they should be able to install some sort of an update



The way to test is to create a test environment (unless you have a separate test setup already), and then only update the test environment to see if it fixes the problem. Typically that’s the first thing Microsoft ask, when you report an error.

yes, I am going to do that, txs