Page break after specific rows in ssrs

I have 10 items in sales invoice report and I want display first 5 items on 1st page and remaining 5 items on 2nd page. How to page break in ssrs report.

Hi Bhushan,

create a group with the following expression in the table


in the property of the group , pagebreak-> enable "between each instance of a group"  checkbox.


Hi Pradeep,

You are write but if i tried this one, and by using this page break after that table…

but I used two tables after that table in that body. and I want all the table are repeated on each page…

please kindly help.



Hi Bhushan

To repeat tables as per your requirement,

in report design select the line table , select the row with details group right click->insert row ->outside group below

merge all the fields in the newely created row

now drag and drop the table that has to be repeated in that row

which will look like this,

and group should look like this

i think this will bring your desired output

Hi Bhushan

Before doing the above steps create a group for row number

using the =ceiling() expr which is mentioned in the earlier post



Thanks Pradeep,

Hi Pradeep, I used this solution but there is some problem that are follows, when page break after first table then the second table is move on the last page. but i want second table on that page where my items are finished. and i want only 4 items on per page, and if there is less than 4 items on the report then all the data shown on same page, thanks

Hi Bhushan,

Can you share your report design



hii pradeep Please send me your email id.