Packing slip update of a sales order - Difference in quantities?


We have setup intercompany between to companies with direct delivery. Company A creates a sales order to end customer and trigger the direct delivery funciton. An IC-purchase order from company A to company B is created as well as a sales order in company B to company A.

Now, we have an issue when packing slip updating the sales order in company B. When we choose the quantity setting = “ALL”, it works fine. All three orders are packing slip updated.

But, when we set the quantity = Packing slip, it does not work. Only the sales order in company B is packing slip updated.

The suggestion is therefore to change the process so that we always choose quantity = All but would first like to know exactly what the difference between these two settings are.

Could anyone shed some light over the differences between packing slip updating a sales order with the setting = All compared to Packing slip?



Hi Rebecca,

When you select “All” option in the posting confirmation form in Quantity field,then it will be used, the total sales order quantities are proposed in the posting lines.

When Packing slip is selected in the Quantity field, then Packing slip With a Confirmation update, this has the same effect as selecting the All.


Hi Sarathy,

Thank you for your reply.

So, if we use the periodic update (AR > Periodic> Sales order > Packing slip) and select 5 different sales orders where 4 sales orders have a confirmed delivery date, we will get the following result:

  • Quantity= All: All 5 sales orders are packing slip updated

  • Quantity=Packing slip: Only the 4 sales orders with a confirmed delivery date will be packing slip updated.

Is this correct?