Packing slip posted to proper GL account

Hello all,

Can someone assist me how to do the set up in Axapta so that when we received goods via packing slip for non-inventory items, the purchase order lines will be posted to proper GL account and not when the invoice is received.

For example: Created a PO for a computer equipment. The computer arrived and I will do the receiving via packing slip. This will get debited to Packing slip account, with a credit to Packing Slip, offset account (like Goods received but not invoiced). And then when we received the invoice, entries will be: DR Packing Slip, offset CR Packing slip; DR Computer equipment CR Accounts Payable Trade. How do we set it up so that when we received the item, it will be DR to Computer Equipment and CR Goods received but not invoiced; when invoiced DR Goods received but not invoiced CR A/P Trade? I’m just referring to non-inventory items - it can be expenses, fixed assets etc.

Thank you.


What’s the set up for your inventory model group on the items you mention ?

There are a number of pointers to check :

  • the ‘include physical value’ box is ticked

  • the ‘registration requirements box’ is ticked

  • the parameter ‘post packing slip in ledger’ in the general parameters for accounts payable is checked

Try it & let me know


Thanks for responding Monty.

This is our current set up:

Inventory model group:

We have several inventory model groups but I will just mention one as an exampe.

Service inv model group - PO_MG : ledger integration: both post physical and financial inventory are ticked. Include physical value is not ticked and the registration requirements box is not ticked. Parameter ‘post packing slip in ledger’ in the general parameters for accounts payable is checked.

Item group: PO Service item - PO_IT : the set up under purchase order tab. packing slip: pointed to one GL account, for example 124000; packing slip offset: GL account, for example: 311000

Item number: PO item: the item group is PO_IT and inventory model group is PO_MG.

When I create a PO and choose PO item for example. There is a ledger account field and I would like this to be posted to account 650000 (as an example).

When I post this to packing slip, it creates entries and post it to the ledger account set up in the item group. When we received the invoice, it’s the only time that it will ultimately post to the ledger that I entered when I created the PO, in the example above account 650000. How do we set it up in such a way that it will post it directly to the ledger account I chose when I created the purchase order during the receiving process and not when we receive the invoice.

I think Axapta purchase order works very well for inventory items but then how about for non-inventory items where we would like it to be charged directly to specific ledger account when we received the item/goods?

Sorry not sure if I explained it well.