P1, P2, ... and Y14 return wrong date filter


Some of our users have a problem when using p1, p2, … when filtering reports: it still uses 2014 instead of 2015

e.g.: p1 should be 01/01/2015…31/01/2015 but instead it returns 01/01/2014…31/01/2014

When using J14 (= dutch = Y14) it returns 01/01/2014…31/01/2016.

We are using the Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 Classic Client. Work date and system date are set correct. Deleting the zup-file didn’t help.

Thanks in advance


I think this is because you haven’t closed the fiscal year 2014. P1 finds the first open period and because of this it will find 2014 instead of 2015 if you haven’t closed the year.

Best regards

/Benny Jensen


Thans for your reply. The fiscal year indeed isn’t closed yet, but only 2 of our users have the problem, others don’t seem to have it

I have trouble with P3. P1, p2 is OK. The fiscal year is closed. Did you resolved your issue?