P/O Received, and fully invoiced but still out there.

We have 1 P/O in our system that has been fully received and fully invoiced but it won’t go away like our other P/O’s do after being fully invoiced. There is no Prepayment or anything funny on it.

Any suggestions??

Thanks in advance,


A given Purchase Order will not necessarily be deleted just because it is received and invoiced.

Can you delete the Purchase Order manually?

As you may know, there are 3 Line tables invloved and each table is holding following fields.

Purchase Line (Quantity, Qty. To Receive, Quantity Received, Qty To Invoice, Quantity Invoiced)

Purch. Rcpt. Line (Quantity, Qty. Invoiced, Qty Rcd. Not Invoiced)

Purch. Inv. Line (Quantity)

I would first check them to see if they talk to each other correctly. Any difference between Quantity or Quantity Invoiced will keep your order open. It happens sometimes when packer ship less and the Order Processor changes the Qty to Receive but forgets to change the original Order Quantity. But you said it was fully received so human error is possible.

The other possibility is that you had extra line in your PO like item charge or something that has not been taken care of. In this case your order will still stay open eventhough the original Item was fully received.


Is Receive & Invoice posted from Purchase order only


Receive done from Purchase order screen and Invoice done from Invoice Screen by calling Receipt ??

Invoicing is done off the P/O screen.

We only use the separate Invoice screen for miscellaneous stuff.

I will check the tables.



I wound up adding a G/L line with $0 value and invoicing the line item and it cleared the P/O.

Not sure why it fixed it but it did.