Override cost center financial dimension


Our cost center financial dimension is derived from the item. For certain purchase orders, we would like to override the cost center to a value other than what is coded on the item. Is it possible through configuration, or do we have to make code changes?


Yes, just manually change it on the order

That is definitely an option. However because of the volume and other factors, we would like to pre-populate with the correct values, so the users don’t have to change the values for the financial dimensions.

So derived from the item, but not and at a volume that means you don’t want it manual. Difficult to answer then without knowing why it changes and what on the order drives it, you must have a rule, what is it?

Financial dimension on purchase order line can be populated from different sources.
from its header, from project/asset, from item and from site dimension link.
I think the site dimension link overwrites everything.