Overdelivery of line is 100.00 percent, but the allowed overdelivery is only 0.00 percent. (Subscription type Sales order)

One issue in subscription type sales order, when I created SO type subscription whole cycle is fine till invoice posting i.e. after invoice that SO become open order again which is also fine. If second time I make some changes in current quantity or same sales order quantity as previous then also I’m facing one error message while posting picking slip registration as:

“Overdelivery of line is 100.00 percent, but the allowed overdelivery is only 0.00 percent”

I already did setup in AR parameter-> general tab-> Accept overdelivery and underdelivery
My question is that can I every time edit overdelivery % at SO line part in delivery tab? Is there any way to reduce/skip this step?


Did you checked how much Over delivery percent is setup at Item master form ? did you selected the Accept Over & Under delivery setups at Inventory management module parameters as well?

Hi Sarathy,

Thanks for quick response.

Yes, I defined there in item master-> reference tab-> overdelivery as 100 percent but then also AX gave that same message for that we have to make correction in SO line-> delivery tab-> overdelivery as 100 percent.

After that correction second time order get posted till invoice but now if you again go for third time SO posting then AX will shows that same error message as:

“Overdelivery of line is 200.00 percent, but the allowed overdelivery is only 100.00 percent.”

I just want to remove/skip this step because that very hectic process to make correction every time. Is there any other way/setting to remove this error message?


What was the first time quantity you have selected and in 2nd & 3rd Order too? why your changing Over delivery % in the SO order line? when you have configured it at item master then it should automatically capture the info at SO. Do you have only 1 order line or having multiple lines? Can you share the Screen shots?

I have added two lines in subscription type SO, also I have not made any changes with quantity while making SO 2nd and 3rd time but then also I got that same error message.

Please bear with me, I’m unable to load image here from my end some issue while loading image file.