Outstanding Checklist


I have Navision 5.0 and can not find an Accounts Payable outstanding checklist anywhere. I’ve been going to my Bank Account and exporting that list and deleting all checks that have not cleared the bank. Obviously the longer we’re using Navision the longer this list is going to become. Is there a report somewhere or a better way to get this list?

Thanks, Beverly

To see the due vendor entries in a certain period, you can use the “Vendor Detailed Aging” report which you find in the “Financial Management”, “Payables”, “Reports”.

The question is: Why are your checks not cleared?

The “Vendor Aging” tells me what I owe a Vendor.

What I’m looking for are checks that have been sent to vendors but the vendors have not cashed them. When processing my monthly bank reconciliation they are not cleared as they are still outstanding. I run this report monthly to make sure that this amount ties to my bank reconciliation, to follow up on old checks that may have been lost in the mail, etc.


I think you answered you own question.

By running a Bank Account Reconcilliation - it’s only pulling open checks.

If you need a printout - there is always the Test report.