Outside the Scope VAT UK

We have recently migrated on to Business Central and so have plenty to learn as we press forward. One area that I am struggling with is how you enter in PI’s where the vendor is not VAT registered, so Outside the Scope of VAT (not EXEMPT and not ZERO-RATED)

You can not add this in the VAT Posting Groups set up screen because it’s not really a VAT point and the VAT Posting Groups setup requires you to plug in g/l codes for the VAT sales and purchases which are just not relevant.

You can not place this as ZERO or EXEMPT as the net value is pulled through to box 7 on the VAT return and it shouldn’t pull through to the return at all (although I appreciated you can set up your VAT statement to omit certain VAT status’ if you wish.)

Is there a way to enter in PI’s with the VAT fields (product posting group) as blank, reflecting that that vendor is not VAT registered.

Thanks in advance