Outside Processing

I have a problem. We need to take an inventory item (Using 2.6 AD) and send the item out for coating. WHen the item comes back from the processing it needs to come into inventory as a different item number with the cost of the coating added to the part. Currently we use a negative quantity on a purchase order to bring the uncoated item out of stock and add another line for the item coming back. When invoiced for the coating only we apply the cost to the item to the one coming back and post the P.O. After posting the uncoated item is subtracted from inventory and the new item is brought into inventory. Is there a better way? Is this way a bad practice? Any help would be appreciated. Kevin Archer

Hi Kevin With Navision Manufacturing you certainly would handle it differently but I do not have any experience with AD so I cannot help, but I would suggest you post it in the AD forum, where you may get some like minded people giving you helpful responses. Cheers Steve

Hi Kevin, The practice of having a negative quantity on the purchase line is not advisable. What is can suggest is to post a negetive adjustment using the warehouse journal. YOu can also transfer this item you are sending out to special warehouse or special bin so you can recognise items sent. Post the purchase of the incoming item as new purchase. You can modify the accounting setup for having a WIP account for the inventory of the item sending out. In manufacturing you can handle it by creating a capacity which is a subcontractor. Thanks, Best regards, Prashanth pbg@navilogic.com