Output Journal & Inventory

Dear Sir,

In which condition Output Journal Does not hit the Item Ledger Entry Table in Navision 2009 R2 ?

I have seen the …Successfully Posted message after posting the Output Journal, but it does not insert any line in the ILE table. How is it possible ?


Are you able to reproduce it in standard demo database?

I have not faced the same issue in Standard Database. But I am sure that the issue is not related to any bad customization, because there is no such kind of modification in posting routing.

BTW thanks for your reply!

I have faced this issue because I have selected the wrong Operation No. (Which is not the Last One).

Hi Subrata,

If you’re not able to reproduce the problem in the standard demo database, then it’s very difficult not to say that the reason might be your customization!

But let me suggest that you use the debugger and very detailed check what the differences are when you post a output journal where it hit the item ledger entry table correctly and one where it doesn’t. That would answer you why it goes wrong.

Dear Sir,

There is no issue actually.

If we want to update Inventory level for a finished Good Item through an Output Journal than we have to select the last Operation No. (from the Operation Sequence of Prod. Order Routing Line Screen) in the Output Journal Screen otherwise inventory will remain same only Capacity Ledger Entry will be happened.

output journal is for adjustments like time, scrap, output quantity, not for playing in inventory. It hits, however, inventory when you finalize you operations and mark Finished in the output journal.