OutLook Syncronization with Nav 5.0 SP1

Hi all,

I am currently working on the Outlook Integration with the Nav 5.0 SP1.
[ Outlook 2007,Native Server ]

I have installed NAS in the same PC where I have also created the Native Server.
I can find both the Server Name and Database Name in my Setting Screen of MS

I have a error message screen below which I have found when I’m trying to test
Test Connection in Setting Screen of MS
8802.Outlook error.bmp (289 KB)

I have installed the NAS with proper parameters
But the error message is related to NAS.
Than how to know that NAS is running well ??

Can I do the Outlook Syncronization Without NAS ??
One thing I have to mention that I’m not the Administrator one of the PC where I have
Installed all of the things to try to OL Syncronization.