Outlook Synchronization with Outlook 2007

I’ve bought a new pc with Outlook 2007 installed. Our Navision version is 3.70. Exchange version is 2003. I can’t get the Outlook Synchronization to work anymore. The message in the Error Log tells me:

Outlook item cannot be created. Check setup settings.

I can attach to the Outlook folders from Navision as I did in Outlook 2003, so it doesn’t seem to be a security problem. Anyone an idea?


Do you have Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) 1.2.1 package installed? This is a requirement of Nav 4 and 5 for Outlook 2007 integration.

Hi Adam,

I honestly don’t know. Is that installed with a NAV 4.0 client? How can I check the version?

Ha! I found out that the CDO isn’t installed with Outlook anymore. Does anyone know how I can check if it’s installed on the Exchange 2003 server?

Hi Michiel

Sorry if I came across as any sort of expert, I just picked this up on Partnersource (issues with Outlook 2007)! The download can be found here, but that is the extent of my knowledge!


Thanks for the info, Adam. I installed the CDO.dll on my client, restarted Outlook, but I still receive synchronization errors. Is there any more info on the partner source regarding Outlook 2007 issues?

Hi Michiel

I am afraid not, this is a general posting solving a series of issues with Navision and Outlook 2007, there is nothing else listed or mentioned I am afraid.

If I not in mistake outlook 2007 it’s only supported in NAV 4.0 and newer versions.