Outlook Security

If the outlook 2000 sr-1 security update is loaded on a users machine a dialog box will appear if the Is it possible to avoid the dialog box appearing when an email is automatically sent from Navision. Can this be done programatically in the Navision Mail codeunit by setting a property for the MAPI ocx. If so which property needs to be set. Any help would be appreciated cheers Mike

Hello Mike! Microsoft introduced with the release of service pack two for their MS Office software, a new set of Outlook Security features, which by default restrict the use of the MAPI interface. Navision Attain uses the MAPI libraries to access e-mail so a solution was required to allow the Navision Attain access to this library. Microsoft’s Outlook E-mail Security Update and administrative tools provide this solution. For details on and links to the download web site please visit the following page… http://www.microsoft.com/office/ork/2000/journ/outsecupdate.htm Best regards Dave Bovey and Ed Bloomfield