Outlook integration

HI ALL!!! I just need to enable Navision to synchronize with the outlook calendar of all the salespersons at once (or one by one). Navision is now checking the User ID to determine wich salesperson calendar to synchronize. To synchronize all the salesperson calendar you would need to login using all the salespersons’ UID, one by one… 1 - Is it possible to do it automatically (maybe with something like the outlook synchronization Batch Job present in Nav 3.70 but without the “one salesperson a time” limit) ? 2 - Is it possible to put directly from Navision to the outlook calendar the meeting items not only for the organizer but also for the attendees…(I don’t want to use meeting invitation… Too long!!!)

Try to create a Macro in Outlook using C/Front

Hi ajayjain, Thanks a lot for the reply! Could you make me an example… what this macro would have to do? I’m a Navision Newbie… so I’m learning… How I create a OL Macro with C/Front? Thans in advance! Bye HAI