Outlook Automation and "unexpected feedback"

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the correct forum to post the following question [:I] Is there a way to check the outlook client availability from Navision, to prevent C/AL errors when using outlook automation? I’m using a ‘selfmade’ reportscheduler that has an e-mail option. The scheduler halts everytime the mailserver is down when needed by automation. Kind regards, Peter.

Well, do you have to use Outlook? In cases like yours I would prefer to use SMTP; therefore I recommend to use JMail from Dimac (http://www.dimac.net/ Freeware available) which is not running a client and could be used as Automation …

Thanks Joerg, I’m not familiar with Jmail, but I will check it out. Still I’m wondering; Does Jmail handle posted mail, even when the connection to I-net is momentarily lost? If not, do I not have the same issue with another client? Sorry, I just realised that POP3 is no option; we are obliged to follow a policy on this [:(] Peter.

JMail is not a eMail client, only a control - in our case Automation - to be included to any application designed with VB, C++, etc. … or NAVISION. Of course, it’s features are more limited copared to Outlook, but sometimes you may wish just to have an simple, easy to use and relyable eMail tool to send messages from NAVISION. So, if the SMTP server is down, JMAil is not doing a “pooling” or something … Just check it out!

I checked out Jmail. I understand how to use the ocx controls, but the issue remains. When Jmail is not able to post (for wathever reasons) it also returns a C/AL error.

With Office automation you have the same problem when an error is returned. I think you need to create a ocx which does the logic and catch all errors. You could also create a parameter or script file and run an external program.