Out of Balance on Payment Journal with ACY

Dear Experts,

I am getting an out of balance of 0.01. I don’t know where and what is the best setup. I noticed this only happens during compound entries. My LCY is USD and transaction is in Philippine Peso

see screenshots…

Your response is highly appreciated!! Thank you so much!

First, ACY stands for Additional reporting CurrencY… Here you are dealing with transaction in foreign currency (that is, different from LCY).

Check what have you set up in Payment Tolerance - if it is not zero, you will be able to post the journal, and Navision will add a line for this 0.01 difference and post it to GL Account set up for rounding differences.
Then, in situations when transaction is in different currency than LCY, Navision normally adds a balancing line itself, if due to rounding a small difference appears in LCY, but FCY balances – as in your situation.

Not knowing all your setup(s) for different roundings it’s difficult to answer, where exactly the problem sits, as there are many such settings - in Purchases, Payables, Currencies, already mentioned Payment tolerance etc.

Hello Modris, Thank you for your response. Would you be able to help me where and what exactly do I need to change in my setup for Payment Tolerance? Because I try to find and search help but not very clear to me. Thanks thanks!

Hi Modris, Additional info, I try to look up on the currency code then notice the relational exchange rate was changed. This was supposedly equal to 1. Please see screenshots. What does it means? Do I need to change and edit directly? While on the currency list was setup correctly? Thanks again…

I cannot attached image but anyway, relational exchange rate must be 1, it became 1.00245 ? What would I do??

No, that’s not true - Relational Exch.Rate Amt holds actual rate - if it is 1.00, that means currencies are equal (when ERA=1, too), which looses any sense, as in real world there are no 2 equal by value different currencies.

There is another field - Exchange Rate Amount - which means how many FCY units correspond to rate. This is usually 1, 100, 1000 - always a whole number, and means HOW many FCY units, multipled by Relational Exch.Rate Amt match one LCY unit, for example:

1 FCY = 1 (E.R.M.) x 0.56 (R.E.R.A.) = 0.56 LCY

or with “cheaper” in comparison to your LCY currencies, when rate is quoted not for 1 FCY, but, say, 1000

1000 FCY = 1000 (E.R.M) x 0.1234 (R.E.R.A)= 123.4 LCY

Thanks Modris, I understand what you said. What is the best explanation for Appln. Rounding Precision?

Sometimes an out of balance of 0.01 shows, sometimes not. That’s why I wanna know maybe something I need to setup. How does Appln Rounding Precision Works?

Thank you…