Other certifications along with AX


I have done AX certification in 2012 development introduction. I am technical. Will SQL certification help me in future? Please advice which certifications are good along with AX 2012. Please help …

Can you elaborate what you mean by “technical”? Do you develop X++ code, administer servers, write technical documents or what?

The knowledge of SQL Server is definitely useful, because SQL Server is a very important component of AX 2012. Whether you need SQL (= language) depends on what exactly you do. Even AX developer usually don’t need to know much about SQL.

Certifications alone aren’t very useful. You really should focus on knowledge and not on certifications.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply. I am a AX developer, worked on AOT. I know SSRS reports also. I know SQL related to tables and queries only. Thanks for your advice for knowledge focus. I am focusing on knowledge only but interested in certifications also so that involvement in studies. Please advice for any other certifications along with AX.

I’m not going to advice on “any other certifications along with AX”, because certification alone are meaningless. I already told you that.

Regarding developer skills, here are a few ideas:

  • object-oriented development (SOLID, design patterns etc.)
  • .NET (architecture, assembly binding, basics of C#, common libraries)
  • SQL Server (architecture, basics administrative tasks, query performance optimization)
  • Azure (architecture, IaaS, Azure AD etc.)
  • Dynamics Lifecycle Services
  • Team Foundation Server

The list also takes into account what you’ll need in AX 7.

Thanks Martin ! I will focus on the above list.