Orginal Amount (LCY) and Amount (LCY) In Vendor Ledger Entry

Dear Experts

I wanted to know, what is the difference between Original Amount (LCY) and Amount (LCY) in Vendor Ledger Entry ? When I applied the payment, it is changed.



Original Amount(LCY) :- This field shows the amount that the entry originally consisted of, in LCY.

The program calculates the amount automatically when the entry is posted. The amount is not updated by any subsequent application or exchange rate adjustment.

Amount (LCY) :- This field contains the amount of the entry in LCY. The Amount (LCY) field is a FlowField and contains the total of the Amount (LCY) fields in the Detailed Vendor Ledg. Entry.

I learnt exactly what i was looking for. Thank you so much Sir !