Ordered in Qty shows negative value


i am facing an issue, where the ordered in qty is negative value. Even though all the transactions related to the item are balanced. can anyone pls help me out of this.

i am in ax 2009 and my build number is 5.0.1500.4641

I want to close the negative value.

Thanks in Advance.

Where are you seeing this negative value, is it in the on hand, a screen, form, report?

I am seeing it in on-hand form of that item.

Is the Physical negative inventory checked for the concerned item inventory model group?

Also, analyse the transaction of type on order. You will get an insight why that it is showing as negative.


Hi pranav,

the physical inventory parameter is unchecked, I checked the transactions for the item, All settled but still i could see the -ve value in the on ordered qty field.

You might have a sales order which is awaiting delivery…which could be the cause of negative value in “on order” field…in Item transactions filter the issue status with “on order” to see the SO.

Item Transactions i dont see any line with on order status.

Look for everything that is not sold or purchased. What do you have then?

Have any modifications/customisations been undertaken on the on hand form?

I have no customizations on the on hand form, i see some transactions for that items like purchased, sold. but all those transactions are balanced.which means whatever qty purchased, that has been sold.

Can you post a print screen for the item with all the possible dimensions on it?

Some - this implies there are some not of this status.

Can you post screen shots of the on hand and transactions?