Order Planning without location

Hello to everyone out there (or out here [:)] )

Do you know if it is possible to have locations defined but not to work with until you register the shipment or the receipt of the items?

Or let me put it some other way:

let’s take for example three locations A,B and C and the item X.
I have 10 pcs of X in location A, 15 in B and 20 in C.

My question is if there is a Sales Order for Item X - 100 PCS ( without specifying the location on the sale’s line) how can I tell the program to calculate the necessary quantity from a global point of view:

10+15+20=45 available
100=demand => there is a need for 75 PCS

Thank you!

You wouldnt be able to post this sales order , if you don’t specify location in Sales Line.

If you set Location Mandatory: NO in Inventory Stp. you are able to post the sales order without any location (header/lines).

The problem is that when ever I do this, the system considers it like Blank Location - even if I don’t have that location defined in Whs. Stp.

Oh sorry ofcourse you can:)

What do you mean by to ‘calculate the necessary quantity from a global point of view’? I dont know what are you trying to do. ? Please clarify

It is just like in the example I gave when I opened this topic:

  • suppose we are dealing with Item No. X and we have the following figures Invetory related:

10 Pcs in location A

15 Pcs in location B

20 Pcs in location C.

Having a sales order on this Item for 100 Pcs - I want the system to think after this logic [:P] : I need 100 Pcs but all I have is 45 Pcs alltogether this means I need another 55 Pcs to order from the vendor. There is no Location Code information involved yet!

This is what I wanted to say when I wrote “from a global point of view”.

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Please check form 342 , and see how system calculates the remaining value.

Thanks for the tip [;)]

I did check it out, and it does take into consideration the Location when checking the availability. Another confirmation of what I saw from the business logic of NAV.

Still, what I’m looking for is a way to set up the system to think the way I want it to think!

… without making changes into the object’s source code.

If it is possible, ofcourse[:)]


P.S Is this why you suggested me to check form 342? Or there is another lead from it… ?

What i know basically from our work is that we don’t make any purchase order or sales order without providing the location, this would create problems later on e.g; in the transfer orders , when you want to transfer items from one location to another

Yes! In a regular work flow this is how it’s supposed to be and I never heard someone else doing it without locations… That’s why I asked

Thank you very much for your help [:)]

Keep up the good work,


If you use a “master” location you can set up SKU parameters, and then the system could suggest a transfer from the locations with stock when the situation is hit. This would mean loading the line on a location. Having worked with Navision and locations I would never implement location mandatory = No in all but one circumstance, this is where they have NO locations and the blank location acts as all locations. If you allow blank you will start to see stock disappearing, look at the item by location view, blank is not a location, but you can certainly have stock there, it leads to nightmares. [:D]

With blank location I already have some problems with item replenishment. Sometimes I had to create a location to replenishment work correctly. That problem is documented in partnersource

Thank you all, as soon as I’ll find a way for this scenario - I’ll put it down here