Order fulfillment report for a transfer warehouse

Dear Experts,

We have a DC which transfer (upon TO) goods to stores. Like other DCs, we would like to have a report for order fulfillment for DC.

Required information is simple, Item no, Description, TO #, Ordered Qty, Shipped Qty, Shipping date.

Could yo please advice which standard report can we use for this? I have tried the Inbound Transfer report, Whse. Shipment Status report, Inventory Picking list---- none of them has complete information.

I think this order fulfillment report (TO) is commonly used for distribution center and warehouse. How do they get the report from the Dyn.Nav?

Thanks so much


Order fulfillment process goes through multiple stages at what stage you need the report for ?

Yes Imran, at the final stage, posted warehouse shipment lines vs. ordered lines.

If there is no such standard report, we could use registered pick lines vs. ordered lines.



you could customise a bit the posted whse shipment report and add ordered quantity

Thanks. There is a standard report named Whse. Shipment status. What would you say about this report?

it is useful report looking at before fully posted documents.