Optionstrring in a table

Hello everybody, i have a problem with a table: the table contains an optionstring with 12 options. in a form you can choose several ways of payments, which are set to the values in the option string of the table. Every option is taken correctly, ecepted the last one. Whenever a user chooses this way of payment, in the table is shown the very first one, although the correct option is used in the form (table.payment := table.payment::“last choice”). In the table i can set it to the correct optionvalue manually, but not int the form. I get no error when i compile the form. Can you imagine what’s going wrong here ? thanks for every help

Have You maybe som mixup between the form and the table? Can You choose the last option if You open the table. You might have the option string declared both in the tabel and the form (should only be in the table)

Have you set Option string for text box in the form? Maybe the problem is in Option string. Do you use any code for this textbox/field ?

oh, i was so stupid !! i did the insert just before i set the option to the specific value, what simply is nonsens ! Sometimes i don’t see the forest because of all the trees (as we say in Germany)… thanks for your help