Options button missing from the Dynamics AX Excel Add-in

After installing the Excel add-in for Dynamics AX 2012 (RTM) the functionality is throwing an error that references an old server that has since been deactivated. I am looking to edit the connection details as described here (http://www.erpsoftwareblog.com/2013/08/working-with-microsoft-dynamics-ax-2012s-excel-add-in-tools/) however the Options button is missing from the ribbon.

The user has sysadmin in AX.

I have checked relevant registry settings at Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins and there is no record of this old server there.

also, i should have said, when i click Connection, i just get the error i mentioned, referencing the wrong server.

please check if dynamics ax client configuration is pointing to correct server and not the old one.

In the connection screen provide the correct server name and try it. make sure you have added correct port number