Option issue in Page 113 Budget when accessing through RTC in Navision 2009 R2.

Hi All,

The issue in Navision 2009 R2 Finnish database.
Page 113 Budget, when we run the page and select the field “Period Type”,
it is option field & options are (Day,Week,Month,Quarter,Year,Accounting Period).

If we run the page 113 by selecting FI language, some of it’s option shows some error
message in Finnish, with cross sign. and when we try to run page 113 by selecting ENGLISH Language,
it does not show any errors.

Error Message in FI (Ominaisuudelle “Format” on määritetty virheellinen kenttä tai määrite, ,),
when i translated through google translation, I got the following ENU translation
(Property to the “Format” is set to false the field or attribute , <Vuosi 4>).

Would somebody have any idea.


It sounds like an issue with localized formatting options and that local Finnish codes has been used with a FORMAT function.

Make sure always to use the global formatting options in the code and always use the <> around it.