Operations scheduling - Job scheduling

For a selected item in AX 2012 whenever i perform operations scheduling and exception is thrown indicating “Production order could not be scheduled. Not enough capacity could be found”.

But for same item/production order Job scheduling is working absolutely fine.

Any thoughts???

Hi Prasad,

Check the Inventory of BOM and Items. I think it does not enough inventory on-hand.


Hi Sarathy,

Thank you for the reply. Logically speaking system must allow the user for scheduling the production order although material is not available on-hand and this can be done by not specifying “finite Material”.

Not having on-hand inventory, if it stops operations scheduling, it should restrict job scheduling as well.

Ensure when you schedule on the tabs you do not have finite material or capacity ticked, then if you have a bottleneck item in the route check the calendar.

Both finite Material and Finite capacity are unchecked while scheduling and none of the resources are created as Bottleneck resources or exclusive resources.

still the problem persists…[:(]

My Operation requires only 4 hrs, Calendar is set to 8 hrs per day from 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm. only one calendar…

Can you post your routing and work centre settings?