Operation QTY

how I can finish less qty than actually orderd after operation started for all items.

Ex. I have made a production order for item qty = 10 kg

and had started operation

afrer some time the production is hut some how and i want to use 5 kg finshed qty

so how can I…?

You report the operation and define the good quantity. If it is Finished goods for inventory to a report as finished but do not end the job. It depends what you want.

thanks for solution, in what if qty exceed in terms of making of gas product or some food,


started operation with qty10

out put if that operation is 11

started operation 20 with 11 qty

out put is 10 now

started operation 30 with 10 qty and out put is 12 now,

its very basic scenario and i have to count qty after wach and every operation

does ax support this

When i tried first it was not acsepting exceed qty,

but after allowing ‘error while report as finished’ in production parameter it is accepting.

AX would consider this an error in normal processing, so you need to accept the error.