Opening Balance-Single entry

Dear Friends,

I need to open accounts. In order to do this I m trying to make a single entry… But Navision doesnt let me to do that.

Dont you know, are there any other ways to post Opening balances?

Thank you in advance

We are not clear wht u r trying to do.

What is the error u r getting.

Is it a direct posting account.?

Other ways apart from using a journal and post it? Yes, certainly there are other ways; you may import entries directly to your ledgers.


The only and correct way is to use journals.

Navision doesnt let me to do that” - what is the problem?

“Doc N xxxx is out of the balance by xxxx . Please , check that posting date, Document type, Doc No and amount are correct for each line.”

This message just saved you falling into nightmare…

Proper way :

Do a Trail Balance on Openings manually,

After make sure your Trail Balance is balanced,

Enter all openings correctly and POST.

Same error,hw did u solved this,

plz suggest