Open Transaction Editing

Hello All. if I open my open transaction editing in AX 2009,in tab overview in column “is marked” there are icon red-hand.what’s the mean?? How to erase this icon ?

it means it will select in any journal for settlement for unmark it go to open transaction editing .----> Inquiry----> Voucher-------> Select original Document------> select Journal Line and then click on show one you find the Journal delete it for Unmark

can you help me in resolving this issue

I will explain one scenario kindly suggest me the best practice .

first we raise the PO and then i will make some advance payment i.e 10 % . it has to be against the PO and then after that when ever i am getting the invoice against the PO . i have to adjust the advance i.e 10 % which i have maid before to that PO.

Example : i have raised a PO for one product quantity 10 numbers . and i made a advance to that PO of Rs10,000 /- . i need to map the advance to that PO and then after that when ever i am getting the goods i.e out of 10 number now i received 5 number of goods so we will get one invoice for that amount is Rs 50,000/- and i need to adjust five thousand ( i.e the advance which we made against the the PO ) to that invoice and then remaining amount i.e 80 % has to be paid normal . and 10% amount to be in retained as a warranty .

Kindly suggest me the process . …


You can use prepayment journal in this case. For making prepayment, there is a checkbox for prepayment in payment tab. Check that, there will be seperate prepayment posting profile.

Now when you are posting PO, use the open transaction editing and select the prepayment before invoicing. This way prepayment will be settled in vendtrans and vendor invoice will be posted with remaining amount.


Thank you Pranav .

But the actual problem is when i am assigning the payment schedule . with 10 % advance and 80 % payable and 10 % as warranty .

and when i am raise the PO and making the payment 10 % of PO Amount . and in open transaction editing i am marking the amount ( payment ) to that PO . and when i am raising the Invoice for 5 items . it is adjusting the total advance to this invoice when i am cheeking in the open transaction editing . where as i need to adjust the advance amount equally ( i.e 10 % ) to all the invoice to that particular PO .

Kindly suggest .