Open SourceTableTemporary-SubPage(List) with Filters

Using: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC SP1

I have created a sub part (list) on the Contact page.

I’ve set the SourceTableTemporary property to YES and defined Sales Header (36) as my Source Table because it’s structure fits my needs best.

On the OnOpenPage trigger i check if Rec is really temporary and then want to populate the Rec with data.



ERROR(‘Rec is not temporary. Page has to be closed.’);


Rec.XXX := ‘blabla’;


Now i have the problem, I want to insert data to Rec related to the oridin contact. So I somehow need to tell the sub page with which contact number it has to work.

How can I get access to that contact number from my subpage?

Wenn, I somehow managed it, but any further “right” ways would be apreciated.

I created a function on the sub page "PopulateData(ContactNo : Code);

And placed a call at the parent page (Contact 5050):


on OnAfterGetRecord and on No.-OnValidate to make sure data is still actual.

I also made the RecRef.ISTEMPORARY check inside the PopulateData function