Open Sales orders

To the experts,

How, if it is possible, can I pull the number of open orders that I have in Navision? What I would like to be able to do id to pull that information into and excel sheet.


If by Open you mean Status=Open,

This can be done, adding Status field to (Sales,Purchases, etc) Order List form. Normally this field isn’t included there. Then you will be able to filter list by Status=Open and copy-paste it to Excel. However, this will give you only headers, but you didn’t specify how mush details you need.

To add the field, you need FormDesigner included in your license, or help from your Partner, if you don’t.


you can create a new field in the “Sales Header” table (T36).This field must be a flowfield with the calc formula ‘Count(“Sales Header” WHERE (Status=CONST(Open)))’.

Then you can show this field in the “Sales Order” form (F42).

To pull this info to and Excel, just create a report with table 36 as dataitem, access the first record to get this value and use the Excel Buffer table to export it.

I hope this helps.

Go to any sales order, press F5, highlight the list, press copy, paste it into Excel.