Open different Reports from Menu Item

Hi all,

I’m new on Axapta.

Have you any idea about to start different Reports from a single Menu item: I need this because I would like to open different custom reports (ie SalesInvoice) based on Company.

Thanks for help

you can simple assign the menu item to a class instead of a report. and in the class, depending on whatever you want, open different reports.

Hi Vanya,

thank you for your answer.I check your solution and I work on reportRunClass method of ClassFactory class.In the following code you find my solution.

ReportRun reportRunClass(Args args)

str reportName =;
str reportNameNew;
Report tmpReport;
TreeNode reportNode = TreeNode::findNode(#ReportsPath);

// if a report called exists run it
// otherwise run the standard one
reportNameNew = curext() +’
’ + reportName;
tmpReport = reportNode.AOTfindChild(reportNameNew);

if (tmpReport)

return new sysReportRun(args);

Please let me know if in your knowledge this is ok.

Thank you again!

Well, actually I was thinking there are only a couple of reports like that, and was intending for a more “local” solution, with a separate class launching reports, but I guess this is Ok and should work as well.

And if you have a lot of reports that have to be Company_based, than it’s the perfect way to do it, I guess.

Minimum changes

Thank you very much!