Only DAT Company Come AX Database

Dear Expert,

I have intsall AX2012 on my laptop . It is working fine But only DAT company come in Database, Rest Company like CEU not


I didn’t what wrong i have done. Please help me on this.



Hi ashok

you need to restore the demo database then only u can get the companies

u can download the demo database from partnersource

Dear Arun,

Thanks for ur quick reply.

I restore both AX database and AX model Database in Sql. Then done the initial check list like compile ,Load License

But only DAT Company come.

Please suggest . Wating for Solution.



Is your AOS really connected to the restored database? I think you wouldn’t be asked for license, because it’s already saved in the restored database.

yes Martin. It was connected.

Hi Expert,

Still looking for solution.



The issue seems what Martin described, you aren’t connected to the proper database in AOS. The demonstration company already has a license preloaded