Online Help For Microsoft Excel Automation

I’ve declared the following C/AL global : Name DataType Subtype Length XlApplication Automation ‘Microsoft Excel 9.0 Object Library’.Application From C/AL Symbol Menu (F5) I get the an error when trying to get some online help using F1. The error I get is : Cannot find the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\VBAXL9.CHM Now my question is which Microsoft component should I install to get that VBAXL9.CHM file installed on my PC? Is it an option on the office CD? Is it on the MSDN CD ? By the way I run Windows 2000 with Excel 2000(SR1)

If you make a search in your local drive, you will find this file and open simply with double-click. If you copy this file into specified folder, then you will get another error in navision “This file is not a valid help file or not installed correctly”. So, I put a shortcut for this file into my desktop and open whenever I need. I hope this solves your problem… Baris Comlekci

I’ve just scanned my HD and I could not find a file called VBAXL9.CHM :frowning: Can anyone mail me this file ?

Check you Excel 2000 CD, I’m betting it’s one of those optional instll files… Regards, Mark Dielmann