One time item on a Purchase Order

So I have a item on a PO that doesn’t exist in the system and only want to purchase it this one time, say its a box of towels. I don’t want to create the item for this one time purchase. How best to handle this?


So you can use a non stocked service item in this case. Create a generic item and use it. You can change the description on the PO line if it needs to be printed on PO.

Else, you can use vendor invoice journal debiting related expense to AP.


I don’t see how to add a description to the PO line. I don’t see that option on Personialize.


I put it wrong, my mistake.

If you click Line details on PO line then on General tab there is a field called text which contains the item description and that is editable.

The text can be printed on PO. Please check this whether it works for you.


That was perfect. Thanks again.