One Sales order to multiple Invoices based on packing slip

Hi Experts,

One sales order has multiple packing slip. In this case I would like to make multiple invoices based on packing slip. Is there any parameter / Setup setting required to achieve desired result.

Thanks in advance.

Yes there is a provision for this. Use the Select packing slip option on the Posting Invoice form of Sales order to choose packing slip specific to the invoice you want. Here you can include packing slip of your choice for the invoicing.

It takes all packing slip in one invoice…

No it doesn’t. You have the Include check-box out there right. Select only the one which you want to generate invoice for.


But unfortunately, this default feature is not available in AX 4.0

Is it so? I guess it should be available there as well. By the way please mention the version of your AX in the question to have more clarity on the feature support.

Yes you can do this. Go to the Invoice posting form where you will see the SO line with in the packing slip column. Click Other and change the Summary Update field to Packing Slip. Then click Arrange and now you will see multiple lines for each packing slip in the Overview tab of the Invoice form. Now if you click OK, you will be able to generate multiple invoices with respect to the multiple lines of the Packing Slip in the SO Invoice form.