One of our Users keeps getting this error.

We have just one user who keeps getting this message on her computer. At least once a day.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost.

Will re-installing the program or deleting the zup file fix this?

Thanks in advance,


What version of Windows, NAV are used?

What is the specification for the computer?

How much memory is available?

How many other applications are being used at the same time?

What other applications or add-ins are being used and are they different to other users?

So many questions, so slow at typing…

Have you deleted the zup file?

Have you reinstalled NAV on the workstation?

Usually, when it is just one user, it’s either one of those, although there can be many different causes. First, try deleting the zup file, if that doesn’t help, re-install. Luckily both are easy tasks, so it shouldn’t take very long. If it persists from there, it might have something to do with the process that is running when it happens. It might indicate an endless loop, or memory overflow.

Does it happen during the same task, or at random times? Is this user also doing other thigns on the same computer? I’ve seen similar problems with someone who had a separate instance of Outlook open for every folder in their inbox, plus 12 different Excel files, plus iTunes pulling music from a shared network folder.

I will try the Zup file and re-installing.

I’m on version 5.1 and the computer is less than 6 months old with a Duo-Core processor. The user is a basic user with barely anything open running Office 07.


Did that work or does the problem persist?


it is always nice to get NO feedback, isn’t it?

If you check his profile, then you can see he has not been online since yesterday.

But you’re right. If you have suggested a solution to someone, then it’s nice to know if your suggestion worked.

It was self interest Erik - we are planning to upgrade and standardise all systems on Version 5.1 this year and I would like to know of any pit falls before we commit.

Perhaps no news is good news?

We have most of our customers running on 5.01 runtimes.

This is usually no probleem even though that I’m able to crash Navision clients several times a day without any error message popping up. The application just disappears.

I have not seen this at a customer site happening so far.

I tried deleting the zup file but that didn’t help.

Will try a full un-install re-install sometime next week.

Thanks for the replies…


I saw this often on 5.00 with no hot fixes. But since moving clients to 5.00 sp1 I have not yet seen an invisible crash yet. Looking good so far.

Do be aware of SIFTs in big databases though, some processes and reports can be very slow if you dont tune them properly.

I uninstalled Navision and re-installed it on the users computer.

I will see if it fixed the problem or not…

The problem was intermittent to start with so it might take a week or more to see if she gets the message again.