one of OLE control is missing

What the question was:

  • you don’t know WHAT OLE control caused this? - look under Custom Controls in Menu and seek for GUID there;

  • or you don’t know HOW to register it? - use regsvr32 command line tool, when you have found the .ocx or .dll in first step…

thank yoyu Modri ;; i didn’t know that there is a guid field , it was hidden … thank for your help

but i cannot find this guid number in custom control …what should this mean ?

thank you again

Usually “Aunt Gooogle” knows which GUID refers to what - yours was found only in 2 occurances - this same forum and 2 years old thread in MiBuSo.

If you know what (AddOn? Localisation?) Codeunit 10001300 Retail Inventory Functions belongs to - then you may guess about what OLE it is all about.

Besides, if on some other PC you don’t get this error - check the GUID there… OLEs must be registered on every PC where Navision Client runs - usually corresponding Setup routines do this, but if these fail, it should be done manually with regsrvr32 tool.