One item with two barcodes for 2 Unit of measures in LS Retail

Hi All,

This is the situation;

Item A, one piece(PCS1) has one barcode and one box (PCS24) has another barcode.

We have defined price as PCS1= 1$ and for PCS24 = 23$, now at POS when we scan the PCS24, the system is taking the unit price of one item and multiplying with 24 and displaying the price as 24$ where as it shd be 23$.

Did i miss some setups ? Any suggestion will be appreciated…


First, in Item / Sales Prices set up 2 lines - for UoM = PCS1 and UoM=PCS24 - but I understand this has been done already.

Then, in Item / Cross References, set up 2 lines again - CrossRef Type = Barcode, enter corresponding barcodes (in field CrossRef No) for both UoMs.


I have same issue. Its already setup barcode for each UOM and Price Tab also. From POS its taking the price from Unit Price instead of sales pricing tab. System calculating price of the pcs 24 by multiplying the unit price of pcs1.

For my our system we have already customization and all our POS Working with UOM based pricing correctly. Its taking prices from pricing tab as we set different price for pcs and pack and cartoon. but one of our POS installed recently not picking this price. how can i make it available this customization to newly installed POS?