one field in the form is changeable

Dear all:

If the form is noneditable, but i want one field is editable in navision.

could any one help me. thanks!


Best way Set property Of Form as flloows

Editable to No

Set Insertallowed and deleteallowed to No

Set Modifyallowed to Yes

Editable to Yes.

Set Insertallowed and deleteallowed to No

Set Modifyallowed to Yes

hello Amol:

The point is just one field is editable, other fields are noneidtable[:)]

What is your question now?

What exactly you required???

You can also set the form to editable and then make each field Editable = No except the one or more fields that can be edited.

Be careful with this as you may add a new field and forget to set it to Editable = No.

thanks to everyone

It is a purchase order, one new field on the purchase header is status, when the field value is ‘open’, any field is editable, but when it is confirmed, all the fields are noneditable. controlled by the code. ( the form property is already set to editable)

now, what i want is even the field value is confirmed, i still want make a field’s value editable, is it possible?

Form - OnAfterGetRecord()
CurrForm.EDITABLE := “Any boolean field or variable” = FALSE;
This way you are setting the Editable property for the form to be Yes until the boolean field is changed.
It does not matter if the form properties have been set to Editable = No as this code will override that.

As you change the value of the field that controls the form status, it will not immediately change the form to non-editable but only when the record is re-opened.

You can also do something like this:

CALCFIELDS(“Completely Shipped”);
CurrForm.EDITABLE := “Completely Shipped” = FALSE;


Thanks a lot, Mr. Colin

You can do it in standard way by adding validation in all fields except the field which you need to modify