One Customer with multiple billing address

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My situlation is One Customer have many Branch, so I must create many Customer No for these Branch

And when we’re create Sale Order, I must be re-select Invoicing to suitable Bill-to-Customer No.

So is it possible One customer No have different billing address for Invoice ?? ( - it’s mean the A/R still calculate for unique Customer No?? )

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Can you be more clear please?

Did you set Bill-to Customer No. in customer card?

Thanks for your quick reply.

It’s sure…I can change in the Bill - to Customer No. BUT when I’m run A/R by Invoice Report. It’s list all of the Branch of Custome No , I want to know is it possible the A/R can be accounting to the General Custome No!!!

Sample for easy understand :

Custome No A have 03 branch Aa , Ab , Ac

On Sales Order : General we’re choose : A

On Bill - to - Customer No : we’re choose Aa

It’s mean the A/R will be accounting to Aa - is it possible accounting to A?

Thanks all

What do you mean by A/R?

Items to be shipped to Customer A?

  1. / A/R is mean : Account Receivable

2./ The items to be ship to Aa

Because the Aa is child-company of A , this order was made for Aa , but with A/R we want accounting for Head company A.

thanks so much.

Then you need to Set Bill to Customer No as A in Aa,Ab and Ac

  1. The Sale Order with General Custome No is A
  2. Bill-to Customer No is Aa or Ab or Ac (the invoice printing is Aa or Ab or Ac )
  3. A/R Report in NAV must be A.

Sorry made you confuse :slight_smile:

Sales Order must be with Aa…(After setting Bill to customer no as A in Aa)

then A/R will go to A and goods will ship tp Aa…

Thanks for your advise , but I still have confuse :

If the Bill to customer was set A in Aa - the Invoice when Printing will be A.

Althrough A/R is right with our management , but the Invoice is not correct …


try the above scenario in a test database and check the entries…

yup… I was testing in database , with the Order to Aa , Bill to Customer No is A .

A/R is right - go to A

but when print Invoice the data is A - not Aa … I can understand because Invoice will be printed from Bill to Customer .

Thanks you.

You mean the problem is with Report ?

Can you show the report preview? is it a standard report or customized?

what you want to show on report?

I think my situlation is not the problem because :

  1. Invoice is correct because the data for print invoice will be pick-up from Bill-to-Customer No

if I sell product for Aa - certainly the invoice will be Aa … but with my situlation : the Aa is the child-company of A…so i dont want have many the A/R of Aa , Ab , Ac , just want to be take all into A.

I wonder is my case :

  • is it possible we’re sell product for Aa - invoice for Aa … but the CR will be assign for A.?
  • how can we’re relationship betwwen Aa (Ab , Ac ) and A.?

Thanks so much.

Sell to = Aa
Bill to = A

So far it’s correct… (it’s not only subsidiaries, another popular use - charity, say “BIG FAT Co” buys some equipment for some social institution, to get the tax allowance later, BF Co must prove it paid for the merchandise it donated).

In the localisations I’ve dealed with, if Sell to / Bill to are different, the printed Invoice adjusts automatically to include both. Then, if Ship to addresses are more than 1, and you choose not the default one, that is included, too.

I’m so accustomed to that I had taken for granted it was standard, now checked in W1 version and it turned out I was wrong [:(]

The report must be modified accordingly, then you’ll get what you want.

so I must going to new modifiy :

1 - create new table as branch which store the address/name/vat of branch

2 - add pick-up on Sales Order - user can select the address/name/VAT-No BUT keep the Customer No is no change.

the Order will be to A - A/R will be to A - but Invoice print will be Aa