On what table do the posted journal entries go?


Are the posted journal entries still stored on the LedgerJournalTrans table? or are they stored into another table?



The journal lines stays unless the journal name is marked as Delete journal lines after posting.

The effect of posting would be in other tables depending on the type of voucher transaction.

Example - related to Vendor, VendTrans, Ledger related tables (The tables varies with AX version which you not mentioned)

Thanks Kranthi!

Therefore, the posted journals will always be inside the LedgerJournalTrans table unless I delete it. How about the deleted journals? Where are they going to be stored? Are they already gone for good?

I only do transactions inside the general ledger so I think that the type of voucher transaction is ledger.

By the way, the version I am working on is AX 2012 R2.



Journals are the origin for the transactions, once posted you may not actually need the journals.(that’s why you have an option to delete them)

The ledger transaction will be stored in,

GeneralJournal* tables

This can really help you to understand these tables,


Thank you for this. [:)]